BVCA Club Challenges- Huntington Beach

powered by JVA

March 2-3, 2019

 Format: Each beach club will bring a ‘Squad” of teams (3) They will be ranked 1,2,3. The 1 ranked team is the beach clubs’ best team. The series will emulate the college game, where the 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 in match play. The win is awarded to the club that wins 2 of the 3 matches.

  • Coaching will be allowed for beach club coaches, and we will follow NCAA rules.
  • Each beach club can register 2 squads per division.
  • Division 1 is the best players that represent the club. I am assuming they are the beach clubs committed players or play at a very high level.
  • Division 2 are the beach clubs’ younger players and or older girls that just are still being developed and can’t compete at Division 1
  • Rosters are final when tournaments start. Squads must remain their given ranking the entire tournament.
  • Each player must have club representation identified by name or logo on a top, or a pair of shorts, or a tank top, or a tattoo. We are going to be very open to suggestion on uniforms after the first year. We want to be able to look at the court and be able to see your players wearing your name or logo on at least 1 item.
  • All players representing a beach club must be a member of that beach club. No rental of players. Please have the integrity to register your own players

Cost: $375 per squad (3 teams)

$300 per squad for JVA membered clubs (promo code: JVA2019)

The beach club director must register the entire squad at the link below.


Every beach club needs to have a bracket pal account. If you do not have one, just create one with your username being your club name.

When it asks for your Team Name, please put your Beach club name.

If you register 2 teams, please put a 1 or 2 next to the beach club name. 1 is your best team. For example, Elite Beach-1, Elite Beach-2.

Location: Volley OC courts at Newland st.

7 Huntington Beach Bike Trail, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Day 1

Check in 8:00-8:30

Pool Play for every squad of beach club teams. Each pool will be played on 3 courts and each court will be identified where the 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3.

Top 2 teams in each pool will go Gold, and bottom 2-3 teams will go Silver.

All beach club squads will be re-seeded into bracket play for Day 2.

Day 2

Check in 8:30

Single elimination bracket (match play), beach club vs beach club

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Jeff Smith

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