National Championship Guidelines

MISSION STATEMENT: The BVCA was created in an effort to unite all beach volleyball clubs across America and provide a competitive environment for athletes to compete as a “team” on the National stage. Together we hope to grow the game, promote and protect our athletes, improve our programs, and work together to increase the level of juniors’ beach volleyball in the United States. 


The BVCA provides an opportunity for athletes to represent their club throughout the season and participate in Club vs. Club Events, the Team Pairs National Championship, and the Individual Pairs National Championships in July. All BVCA events are “club” events and athletes and teams compete with their club members for points and match wins. BVCA events support member clubs by discouraging “club jumping” by athletes who wish to play with a partner outside of their club. 

The BVCA reserves the right to refuse registration or participation to any beach club or individual at any BVCA-sanctioned event.



All athletes who wish to participate at BVCA events must register with a BVCA Annual Individual Membership.

This membership confirms that each athlete plays and practices with a specified club for the season dates.

The 2024 season is August 1, 2023- July 31, 2024.

The BVCA individual Membership program helps identify beach volleyball players in the United States and track which club they play for. Through this program we are able to create a national database that is used in creating a points system and rankings for clubs and pairs to be used for seeding at all BVCA events. 

The BVCA Annual Membership also provides the following:

  • Rules and standards to be enforced for all club events across the United States
  • Gives clubs and players a true “Club” experience in which players must be part of the same club in order to compete in our events.  
  • A Schedule of club challenges with 5-team “squads” and 3-team “squads”, as well as Pairs events where all participating athletes must designate from the same club. 


  • All Coaches need a JVA or USAV background check 
  • 3 coaches per event can coach in a match at the various positions (1 – 3 or 1 – 5).
  • Coaches will be identified by a wristband at the National Championships.
  • Coaches are allowed to coach during side changes (walk and talk) while athletes are moving (6 seconds).
  • Coaches are allowed to coach during Time-Outs
  • Coaches May Suggest Timeouts. 
  • Coaches are prohibited from instructing their athletes to dispute a call with the official
  • Coaches are expected to dress professionally at all times. Coaches must wear appropriate apparel – No Tank Tops (Males), no Bikini Bottoms or Tops. Male Coaches must wear shirts.
  • Coaches may not approach a referee to ask questions. A pair’s captain must speak to the referee if any questions arise.
  • Coaches are prohibited from engaging with the opposing team’s coaches or directors during competition.
  • Coaches are prohibited from engaging in disagreements or negative banter before or after a match.
  • Any aggressive or excessive profanity directed at another coach, parent,  or player at any BVCA event, will result in the coach or parent being removed from the event immediately. 
  • Any physical altercation will be handled by the police.
  • Parents are prohibited from coaching from the sidelines or calling out the score. 


  • If coaches are found getting involved in referee calls, coaching their team in the match, or talking to the opposing teams’ players, the coach will be given a warning by the Tournament Director. If it continues, the coach will be ejected from the game and removed from the event for the day.
  •  If a club has a 2nd refraction, then the current match that is being played will be forfeited.
  •  If a coach has a question about a call, that coach must go to the tournament director.


  • Each player must have club representation identifiable by name or logo on their top or bottom. Team club designation must always be visible to spectators and coaches during a match. (We want to be able to look at the court and see your players wearing your name or logo on at least 1 item)
  • It is highly recommended for clubs to have athletes wear shorts/leggings and tank tops/sport performance tops such as Lulu Lemon tops or t-shirts during competitions.
  • BIKINI TOPS OR BOTTOMS are not allowed to be played in.


If a club wants to protest a match because they believe a team has unfairly ranked their teams, here is the process..

  • BEFORE the match starts, submit to the tournament director a piece of paper with the formal argument about why you feel the other club is not placing their team in the appropriate flight. The tournament director will get input from the club that is being protested against, check scores or look at previous tournament rosters, etc. The tournament director will make a final decision if the team can stay at the flight originally assigned or direct them to move up or down. 



We hold our events and participants to the highest standards of integrity and have set guidelines to be followed by participants and clubs. 

  • If a BVCA event has already started and a beach club participant and/or beach club has not followed or untruthfully agreed to any of the guidelines, we hold the right to disqualify the team and/or player and not award any points to their club. Disqualified participants will NOT receive a refund.


  • Beach Director’s will request bids for the National Championship Jan 15 – April 1 in a provided link on the website. Once the Bid- Request period ends, a waitlist will be posted.
  • Bids will be awarded in May. Waitlist bids will be awarded in June if spots are available.
  • We encourage clubs to request bids that will be awarded to players in their club that exemplify excellence and are recruitable and or committed to a college.
  • All beach clubs that are awarded bids in May will be assigned a deadline to register and pay for their teams teams. Any bids not paid for by this deadline will be forfeited to clubs on the waitlist. 
  • Club directors are responsible for registering their teams. 
  • The amount of bids awarded to each club are based on a Tier system. The BVCA takes into consideration years of participation, size of club, previous finishes, number of committed players, and participation in club v club events. 
  • Beach Club rosters participating in the BVCA Nationals must be finalized by July 1st in Bracket Pal.
  • All athletes must have a current BVCA membership


  • We encourage beach club directors to only award players that can attend the required minimum of 10 club practices to participate in Nationals. If an athlete does not meet this standard and has extenuating circumstances, please email [email protected]  for approval.
  • Beach clubs are permitted to have athletes that live out of state and or more than 100 miles away from the club’s training area.
  • These players are referred to as “Out of Area Athletes”
  • A club can only have a MAXIMUM of 4 actively participating ”Out of Area Athletes” on their roster per year. Please click here to register your “Out of Area Athletes”.
  • Athletes can not switch clubs from May 15th -July 31st. It is a dead period.
  • Beach clubs are prohibited from awarding individual bids before they have been allocated by the BVCA. 
  • All coaches must have a background check completed with the JVA or USAV. Click here for more information. 
  • A signed Code of Conduct


  • Best in Beach: Club that earn the highest total points in each age division
  • Points will be earned for 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 17th place clubs in the Gold division.
  • U12, U14, U16, U18 National Champions: Individual age group champions


SandRecruits numbers are not required but highly suggested for uncommitted athletes at our national event. It is the largest database of beach players and has integrated with the bracketpal tournament management system.The integration gives every college coach live updates and the tools to access information about your athlete playing in the BVCA National Championships. 

All college coaches have the SandRecruits app and use it to recruit players at our event. 

Click here to register with and join the LARGEST online database for beach volleyball athletes.

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BRACKETPAL tournament information and schedules can be found on the BracketPal website.