National Championship Guidelines


RSVP to the National Championship will be available from January 2nd – March 1st  Click Here to RSVP

Bids will be awarded by April 3rd.

All beach clubs that are awarded bids in April have until  May 15th to register and pay for their teams teams. Any bids not paid for by this deadline will be forfeited

If you did not get awarded enough bids or did not RSVP by March 1st there will be a Waitlist sign-up available. Waitlist bids will be awarded May 17th or by a first come basis if spots are available.

Beach Club rosters must be finalized by June 25th.


  • The BVCA National Championships was created for Beach Clubs and the players that play for beach clubs.
  • All players participating in the BVCA must train, practice, and represent the beach club they are paying members too. It is important that the athlete chooses a beach club and pays for them the entire seummer (May-August)!
  • An Athlete must have a minimum of 10 practices or training sessions from May- July 14th or 20 practices from January to July 14th to qualify to play in the BVCA
  • Athletes that play for a beach club that live more than 100 miles away from the location of the beach clubs practice facility or beach, must fill out the 100-mile radius application and get approved by our committee not later than May 15th
  • Each beach club will be allowed a maximum of 4 athletes that live more than 100 miles away. Its is important for the growth of the sport to develop locally and not take players across the country in trying to organize “super clubs” or “super teams”.
  • Camps or Clinics are not considered beach clubs
  • Directors and coaches, please do not promise ANY players (inside or outside of your club) bids before they have  awarded. (April 1st 2019) This causes a lot of problems and looks unprofessional when we tell the parents that bids have not been distributed.
  • All coaches coaching at the BVCA must have a background check completed with the JVA. Click here for more information.
  • USAV beach volleyball rules will be followed. Coaching is only allowed during time outs, before or after the game. There is no walking and talking during side switches. ***Coaches can suggest a player to call a timeout. Coaches will be identified by a wrist. band.
  • SandRecruits numbers are required to participate. Players who are verbally committed & players in the u12 division do not need an SR#.

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Here are some common scenarios that can help directors do the right thing!

Scenario #1

Your beach club is in Minnesota and your best committed senior player has nobody in your club that is equal skill level. The parents actively searches for a partner out of state with a different club.

 After a couple weeks of searching they find Jennifer in Southern CA and they orchestrate and devise a way to pitch this idea of partner selection to the beach club director. The director rationalizes the partnership because she is going to attend 3 practices before the BVCA and wear your logo, and now she is part of your club. Directors, please have some integrity and don’t give players bids that are shopping or trying to create a “rental” scenario.

Its not against the rules for players to travel out of state to play at a beach club. It’s the intention behind it that matters. It’s great when athletes join because you have an amazing beach club, great training, and coaching.

Scenario #2

We have 2 directors from different clubs, and they take their best players and let them play together under one roof to make a super team. It is completely wrong on so many levels!

Scenario #3

One of the most common scenarios I see in SoCal is that several of the high-level players want to train at 2 beach clubs throughout the year for a variety of reason.  It usually is driven on schedule, coaching, and trying out a different club.  Most of the time the directors involved have no clue that the athletes are double dipping into 2 different clubs.

Question: Who does that player represent at the BVCA?

When this happens, I encourage both directors and the player involved to have an open discussion about who she is going represent and keep training with. The player ultimately will decide what beach club she is going to play for during the summer months (May-Aug).

The idea of having a BVCA National Championship is to reward your best players that you have coached and developed over the year and in return they represent your beach club at our National Championship. The BVCA has some of the best directors and coaches with HIGH INTEGRITY and we look forward to another great year!