2023 Club Challenge Rankings

Last updated: June 6, 2023


Beach Club Ranking Points-OPEN DivisionTOTAL RANKING POINTS
MBsand 1-Blue5400
MadSand White4800
Spiker Beach Black4150
GCVA Blue3950
MBsand 2-White3460
Dakine 13350
S3 Black3300
210 Beach 22730
Beach South 1 Black2550
Golden Gate 12300
V4L Team 12100
Wave 12000
MadSand Black1960
RPM Red1900
Spiker Beach- Red1810
Elite Beach 1-Blue1600
S3VB Gray1250
Hyden Beach Blue1100
Third Coast Purple1100
AJV Sand1100
Beach South Red1100
Silver Beach 1950
Spiker Beach-Green750
Team One Zen750
Kahiau VBC700
Stealth Beach Black650
Starts and Stripes Red600
Sand Storm Red600
Optimum Beach Teal450
GCVA Orange400
A5 Beach 1350
SAS-spike and Serve 1300
Altitude 1300
Stealth Beach Orange300
Third Coast Teal300
RPM Blue250
692 Next Dallas200
Elite Beach 2 Red150
Spiker Beach-Yellow150
BeVolley 1150
Cape Fear 1150
Team One Onyx150
MBsand Teal150
A5 Beach 2150
A5 Beach 3150
V4Life Chaos150
Third Coast Magenta100


Beach Club Ranking Points- CLUB DivisionTOTAL RANKING POINTS
GCVA Beach Yellow3800
210 Beach3800
KBeach 13500
Dakine Wariors White3200
692 West Black2800
Kokua Beach 12500
Stealth Beach Green2400
GCVA Beach White2300
Silver Beach Club2100
Spiker Beach-White1900
S3 Turquoise1800
Elite Beach-White1700
AJV Sand Addidas1700
RPM Red1600
Spiker Beach Blue1500
KBeach 21400
Spiker Beach Grey1300
Third Coast – Teal1300
Stealth Beach Blue1100
692 West Blue1100
Stars and Stripes Blue900
Dakine Warriors 2 Red900
Kokua Beach 2 Turquoise900
Optimum Beach Purple800
Upslope Beach Blue800
Third Coast – Purple800
GCVA- Red800
MadSand Green800
Beach South Red600
692 West-Grey600
Dakine Warriors 3 Blue600
210 Beach 2600
One Beach Black500
Kbeach 3500
Golden Gate400
S3 Grey400
One Beach Select400
Big Sky Elite400
692 Next Dallas400
Stealth Beach Orange300
Elite Beach-Blue300
GCVA – Green300
AJV Sand Molten300
GA Beach Turquoise300
Kokua Gray300
Grayhawk Black200
Upslope Beach-1200
SD Beach-1200
RPM Blue200
Third Coast – Futures200
Tiger Beach200
GA Beach Black200
Kbeach 4200
Grayhawk Blue100
Spiker Beach Indigo100
Beach South black100
S3 White100
Grit Gold100
Sd Beach-2100
Surf City BVC100
MBsand Indigo100
Third Coast- Black100
Silver Beach 2100
Kbeach 5100
V4Life -2100
RPM Navy100
Kokua Blue100
Kokua coral100
Third Coast Magneta100