BVCA Club Challenge Series powered by JVA

We are excited for this year in building more BVCA events and helping clubs develop their clubs across the country!

Our individual Membership program helps grow and validate Beach Volleyball Clubs in the USA by:

1.       Creating a National Database of Players and what Club they play for. 

2.       Creating and running a National points system and National Rankings for Clubs and Pairs. 

3.       Creating and Enforcing Rules and Standards for Beach Club events across the USA.

4.       Providing Clubs and Players true “Club” events where players have to be part of the same club for the duration of the season. 

5.       A Schedule of club challenges with 5-team “squads” and 3 teams, as well as Pairs events where all teams must designate from the same club. 

6.       The Opportunity to represent your club in Club v Club events, Club v Club Nationals and BVCA Club Pairs National Championships in July. 

When a player plays in BVCA events, they must obtain a membership confirming that they play and practice with the club for the entirety of the Jan 1- Dec 31 season.  


All BVCA events are “club” events, the athletes are competing as a club for points and match wins.  BVCA events support their member clubs by discouraging “club jumping” by athletes to play with a partner outside of their club.  We have therefore, instituted the following policies:   

·         All athletes who want to participate must register with a BVCA Membership.  

·         All athletes must designate their club affiliation and agree to represent only their elected beach club for the full calendar year in all BVCA sanctioned events. 

·         All members must confirm they are practicing and competing with their club designation by paying for the membership and selecting your club affiliation.

·         Beach clubs can only have [2 players on a 3-team squad, 3 players on a 5-team squad] that live out of state or live more than 100 miles away from the training area. Any additional out of area athletes much be approved by BVCA prior to the event date. We are promoting growing the sport regionally and please have the integrity to register your own players

·          Clubs and athletes violating this requirement may be penalized by not being allowed to participate in any BVCA sanctioned event for one year.  

·         Athletes that want to change clubs, must get a waiver from their current club and will need to be approved and recorded by the BVCA in order to switch Club Affiliation. 

·         If an athlete is found to be playing with another club without approval, or in violation of BVCA Policy – the Club and /or athlete may be sanctioned – including the following:

1.      Inability of Club and/or player to enter further BVCA Events for that calendar year

2.      Loss of Player for that calendar year

3.      Loss of Duel

4.      Loss of BVCA Club Membership status for the entire calendar year


Club v Club General Rules & Format

Each beach club will bring a ‘Squad” of teams (3) or (5) depending on the format set up by the promoter. They will be ranked 1,2,3,4,5. The 1 ranked team is the beach clubs’ best team. The series will emulate the college game, where the 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5 in match play. The win is awarded to the club that wins 2 of the 3 matches. Coaching will be allowed for beach club coaches, and we will follow NCAA rules

Each event is 2 days. Pool play 1st day, Playoffs 2nd.

3 teams or 5 teams (squad) per group

Best 2 of 3 Matches wins the Duel

All Matches Throughout.

1 Timeout/1 Technical per Game

Divisions (each squad consists of 3 to 5 teams with NO age divisions based on DOB):

  • Open (Division 1)
    • Top competing athletes that represent the club.
    • These athletes are likely committed athletes or high level players in that process. 
    • Athletes are most likely juniors and seniors (but can be very high level younger athletes).
  • Club (Division 2) 
    • Freshman/sophomore athletes and/or junior/seniors that just are still being developed. 
  • Future (Division 3) 
    • Middle school athletes only (6th, 7th and 8th graders).

 BVCA Series Points Awarded for less than 8 teams

***1.5 multiplier will be added to events with 8+ teams in the Open Division and/or 12+ teams in the Club Division.

1st– 1000

2nd– 800

3rd – 600

4th – 500

5th – 400

6th – 300

7th– 200

Participant – 100

Who will qualify to play in the National Championship in July at Hermosa Beach?

  • Open Division 1: The highest ranking 14 teams based on points (excluding points of clubs with multiple teams). The Advisory Committee will award 2 ‘At Large’ bids based on points, finishes, number of events, and to consider clubs with a 2nd team to qualify.
  • The Top 12 beach clubs (Club Division 2) based on points (excluding points of clubs with multiple teams).

Points will be taken from a Clubs Top 4 Finishes in the BVCA Challenge Series (Open & Club divisions) to determine their points to go to the National Championships

Seeds for tournaments will be based on season points.


·         3 coaches per event can coach in a match at the various flights.

·         Coaches are allowed to coach during crossovers (walk and talk) while athletes are moving (6 seconds).

·         Coaches are allowed to coach during Time-Outs

·         Coaches May Suggest Timeouts. 

·         Coaches are expected to be professional at all times. Coaches must wear appropriate apparel – No Tank Tops (Males), no Bikini Bottoms or Tops. Male Coaches must wear shirts.

·         Coaches may not approach a referee to ask questions. A pairs’ captain must speak to the referee if any questions arise.


·         If coaches are found getting involved in referee calls, coaching their team in the match, or talking to the opposing teams players, the coach will be given a warning by the Tournament Director. If it continues, the coach will be ejected from the game and removed from the event for the day.

·         If a club has a 2nd refraction, then the current match that is being played will be forfeited.

·         If a coach has a question about a call, that coach must go to the tournament director after the game.


Each player must have club representation identified by name or logo on a top, or a pair of shorts, or a tank top, or a tattoo.  We want to be able to look at the court and be able to see your players wearing your name or logo on at least 1 item.


·         Line-Ups are recorded & verified before each match on the ‘Duel Match Lineup Form’ by the Coach.

·         Teams/players may be moved up or down one spot from the previous match, and substitute players may be inserted anywhere in the line-up as long as they were out of the line-up for the previous match.

·         Line-Ups should be in order of 1 (strongest) – 5 (weakest) with a Club’s Teams


If a club wants to protest a match BEFORE it starts, here is the process.

  1. Write on a piece of paper, the formal argument why you feel the other club is not placing their team in the appropriate flight. This has to be done before the match starts!!!!

2. Give this to the tournament director immediately before the match starts. 

3. The tournament director will get input from the club that has been protested against, check scores or previous tournaments, ect..

4. The tournament director will make a final decision if the team can stay at the flight or have to move up or down. 


Each Team may bring a substitute player and insert that player into the lineup per match. The player subbed out must re-enter the lineup at the flight they were originally removed from.


If there is an Injury during the game – the team will forfeit that match and then Substitute can be inserted for the next Match.

If no substitutions from the same club are available, clubs are allowed to take an available player from an opposing club. However, every match in that flight played by the substituted player is forfeited. The substituted player from another club can only play in the 5th flight as a forfeit.

If an alternate athlete from your line-up form is available, they can be substituted into the line-up before the match starts.


Paid Registrations will NOT be refunded for clubs unable to attend for any reason. If the tournament director is able to fill the spot, a refund may be offered at the discretion of the BVCA.

If the tournament director feels like this is being violated or is continually being skirted – the BVCA reserves the right to have a conference with the Club Director and take appropriate action to preserve the integrity of the Club Challenge System.

The BVCA reserves the right to refuse registration or participation to any beach club or individual at any BVCA sanctioned event.

We hold our events and participants to the highest standards of integrity and have set guidelines to be followed by participants and clubs. 

If a BVCA event has already started and a beach club participant and/or beach club has not followed or untruthfully agreed to any of the guidelines, we hold the right to disqualify the team and/or player and not award any points to their club. Disqualified participants will not receive a refund