Beach Club Directors and Coaches,

We are excited to announce the formation of the Beach Volleyball Clubs of America beginning in 2013!!! The BVCA has come together to grow the sport of Juniors Beach volleyball and to create an equal opportunity for Juniors Beach programs to develop and have a voice during the emergence of the sport (there will likely be over 40 sand volleyball teams in the NCAA by 2014). The BVCA has been created from a large number of club directors and coaches from California, Texas and Florida and many others in order to organize and promote Juniors Beach Volleyball. With the advent of Collegiate Sand Volleyball,

BVCA Logowe can all see this sport growing and we feel NOW is the time to organize and get the ball rolling. With your help, we can make a difference in the future of this sport.

The BVCA is currently in the process of developing, along with current regional and national governing bodies for beach volleyball a Beach Club National Championship for Summer 2013!!! – with formats and information to be released soon.

We are still in our initial phases of developing a comprehensive database of just who all the beach clubs are in the United States, including information on when your club season begins and ends, where your facility is, website, etc.

Please take a minute to fill out our online registration:

We at the BVCA look forward to working with you to grow juniors beach club volleyball throughout the United States and beyond!!!!

Jeff Smith
Beach Volleyball Clubs of America
Director: 692 Beach Volleyball Club, San Diego, California